Saturday, June 27, 2009

One Down...One To Go!

Before I tell you any funny stories, please note that Jake and I are super excited to now only have one child in diapers/pull-ups! Ry has been pretty much potty trained with the "#1" for a long time but the "#2" was the hardest for her. She finally is officially wearing panties 24/7 (except bed time) and we are very proud of her :)


*"I just text Gavin. I told him we would go to a show"

*"That sounds like a perfect plan, Momma!"

*"I want a toaster snoodle to eat"

*"We can't go outside, we'll get sunburnt"

*"Can I play noggin on the puter?"

*"We don't have a cat, guess we will have to buy one"

*She cracks us up when she wants to tell a secret and wisper....she just fully covers the front of her mouth and you can hardly hear her :)

*She likes counting to 20 and can count to 10 in Spanish

*She just started her first dance class and has learned dance moves such as: "the egg beater" and the "peppermint lasso" (never heard of those but they are cute dances!)


*she is saying all sorts of words and it's funny to hear how she says things differently than Ry did at that age:

-Daddy (not Dadda)
-Mommy (not Momma)
-RyRee (not RyRy)
-when she sees a duck in book or tv, she says QUACK QUACK
-when she sees an elephant,she puts her arm up to her head and moves it up and down and makes a loud noise
-pees (please)
-before we eat dinner I say "let's bless it" and automatically Keira puts her hands together and says "thaaaaank, amen!"
-before bed she always has to give everyone a kiss, she just says "muah!" real loud and then waves "NITE NITE!"
-she likes to stand up on her head for like a minute straight and laugh and then she finally rolls over to make it a completed roll..she thinks it's hilarious

That's everything I got for now...may be another 2 or 3 mths until my next post :) toodles!

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