Thursday, January 31, 2008


we obviously are no longer keeping baby girl's name a secret. wasn't that easy for me to keep it hush-hush :)

Update on Rylz and Keirz!

Hey Gang (not sure if anyone even reads this)

I was just doing some work in front of the computer and decided to take a breather & blog, so here we go:

Update on Ryleigh:

Rylz is doing great. She amazes Jake and I each and every day. With her finger nails painted (thanks to Mrs. Cheryl and her patience) and her hair up in "half ponies" I feel like she is growing up WAY to fast. Hmmm, I would update you on the words she has been saying but she is basically saying any and everything(which is scary in itself). She knows her colors (mainly orange, blue and purple) and we are working on her numbers right now. Her current favorite things are:

*bear (as always, that poor thing is worn out)
*baby & baby stroller
*rocking horse
*Noah & Sarah & the ark(don't ask me why, but she thinks Abraham's wife is Noah's wife..haha)
*singing the ABC's while making the itsy-bitsy spider motions (strange I know)

Update on Keira (Keirz):

I went to the doc today and things are looking pretty norm. Baby girl is facing downward and is ready to go, I guess...but I think I am more ready than she is! I am ready for the back pain and heartburn to go away oh and I'd love to be able to breathe when I am sitting indian style, playing blocks with Rylz.

Jake and I just finished the nursery furniture so now we have the walls painted and the furniture up. It's time for the fun stuff...DECOR! I am thinking: small little murals of birdies and polka dots around the room with Bible verses thrown in between. I will post a very rough draft photo of the nursery for you to see - Ryleigh calls it "sissyBoo" (sissy's room)

And as Kelly Raspberry would say "that's all I got, how'd ya like that?"

Monday, January 7, 2008

Happy 2008!

Rylz, Jake and I had a great Christmas with our families and a fun lil New Year's Eve. This photo of Jake and Rylz was taken NYE after our trip to Marble Slab for Ice Cream - yummy!

Update on Rylz:
For those of you who haven't seen Ryleigh in a while, she is growing up so fast, repeating everything she hears & learning how to be "easy with the baby" and how to "give kisses to the baby" Right now, she just understands that there is a baby in Mama's tummy. We will see what she does when Baby Keira actually arrives! Ryleigh also just started sleeping in her big girl bed and is doing pretty well with it. We are starting the potty training but it is very challenging!

Update on baby Keira:
She is growing fast, as well and in fact I feel that she will be here at the end of March instead of April 6th but we'll see. Jake and I JUST started thinking about the nursery so we are a lil behind on that

Everything else is good! Jake is back to school teaching and I am back working. Same 'ol Same 'ol