Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bad Blogger...

I haven't blogged in a while - life at the Floyd house has been crazy crazy since Jake hit summer vacation and the first issue of Modern Babies and Children came out (check it out online

We all know who you really visit the blog to hear about, not about Jake and I but about tha gals (hahaha) so I will fill you all in:

KEIRA - 3 months
*cooing and smiling up a storm and all around a happy happy baby girl
*just got over a double ear infection
*in the middle of a tummy bug right now and she is still smiling :)
*has slept in her big girl crib the past few nights from about 11pm-7am (not bad!)
*loves to be sitting up and looking around
*loves her big sister (she just stares and smiles at her)

RYLEIGH - 23 months
*the 24/7 entertainment in the house from dancing to singing songs
*favorite quotes right now: "I need more snack" "what u doing mama?" "where'd Keira go?" "no, Roxy go kitchen" "wanna go fimming pool"
*her favorite songs to sing: "Jesus loves me" "Barney, I love you, you love me" "Mr. Golden Sun" "Are you sleeping"
*this summer she loves ice cream, sno cones, and going to Target with Dada or the gym with Mama

Jake is enjoying his 5 weeks off from school/coaching and we head to Cali in about a week to see "Uncle Bo" and celebrate 3 different bdays!

We are preparing ourselves for our first daycare experience and everytime we pass the treehouse academy where the gals will be going, we tell Rylz, "That's RyRy's playground" and she gets all excited. I think she will have fun and enjoy all the schedules there but I know she will miss her Mrs. Cheryl and "the boys" as we call them :)

Lastly, I would just like to say to each of you that read this blog (probably all 5 of you) I am thankful for you and thank the Lord every day for blessing me and my family like he has.

That's all I'd ya like that?

Monday, June 2, 2008

K 2 Months & Ry weekend adventure

Hope everyone is doing well! Here's a Floyd update:

Well, Keira went in for her 2 month check-up and is 12.4 lbs (90thPercentile) and 24 inches long (97thPercentile) She is a healthy little gal who loves to eat..sound like someone else you all know? I think the colic is slowly going away. We are getting to enjoy her smiles and coos now, fun stuff!

Ryleigh had an adventurous weekend!! Friday night she went to the Rangers game with her Daddy and got an Ian Kinsler jersey and also learned how to say Ian Kinsler - she had so much fun. She then spent the night with Mimi B and PawPaw and then woke up and went to Sixflags after church on Sunday with Mimi T and Pops (and J,K and I)She loved the choo choo train.

I would also like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Tammy Floyd, aka Mimi T!

One last thing, I just got my mom's day gift on Friday from Jakums and I just love it - I don't want to take it off (see below)

Enjoy these few pics!! Love you all