Monday, January 26, 2009

Oh My Goodness, So Sorry!

Long time no blog!

It has been terribly hard to get on the computer for personal time lately - working like crazy and preparing for Keira to take off walking any day now really drains me by the end of the day. When the gals go to bed, instead of watching my shows I have been reading my mom devotional and then reading the twilight series so now I am an official book nerd but I don't mind. Ok, enough about me - what everyone comes to the blog to hear about, the girls:

Keira Boo -

Turned 10 months on Sunday and is just 4 lbs smaller than Ry! She is 22lbs and Ry is 26 lbs - haha :)

Is walking with her walker alot and is trying her hardest to keep up with her big sister

signs milk and mama and likes to say "roar" when we talk about bears and makes a raspberry noise when playing with her toy truck

when I prompt her with "standing outside with my mouth open wide" she then says "ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah" tooooooo cute

has 5 teeth right now with 3 cutting at the same time

eating table food with her bottles - she isn't into the whole baby food thing

RyRy -

2.5 years this month

can tell you what/where her glutius maximus is and her latissimus dorsi (bad spelling)

her favorite songs right now are "whole world in his hands" by Raffi and "heartless" by Kanye

favorite show is still Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (will that ever end?)

is all about her purses and lip glosses and basketball (great mixture, huh?)

I will post some pics later on here - thanks for checking out our blog and that's all I got now, how'd ya like it?