Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Sunday and Baby Watch

Happy Easter! On top of spending time with family and friends, I hope everyone had time to think about what Easter really represents today. I will quote a part of one of my favorite worship songs at church "sin has lost it's power, death has lost it's sting, from the grave you've risen..victoriously." Love that song and am so thankful to the Lord for bringing us to the Village Church where we met up with our home group which we LOVE and wouldn't replace for anything!

Secondly, we are on major baby Keira watch! She has tricked us already about 2-3 times. Thursday night, we actually made Josh and Heather come over at like 1am and sleep on the couches while we went to the L&D floor. We sadly went back home around 430am still PREGO!! So, everyone just pray for a healthy and speedy arrival for Baby K!

I am going to attempt to fall asleep now - these contractions don't really allow me to get much rest. Hope all is well with everyone (all of the 5 ppl that actually read this blog! hahaaha)

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Elmo in February & Snowing in March!

We are finally all over the flu! Praise the Lord for that yeah! With that being said, we had a great time at the Sesame Street Concert. Ryleigh and her friend, Mallory actually sat through the entire thing. What a fun little event for the gals just a few weeks before their new little sisters arrive!

Also, weather here in DFW has been crazy. Two snow days in one! Rylz got out in it today and wasn't a big fan of touching it or standing in it. She enjoyed looking at it and watching her dad make snowballs and the little snowlady.

Some funny things Rylz has been up to:
*everytime we leave Mrs. Cheryl's "where Blane and Jaxson and Garrett and Cheryl?"
*says "cuse me" after someone burps or sneezes
*instead of me saying "good girl" she likes to say it herself when she does something big
*can count up to number 8
*making complete sentences like "i want more cereal" or "where'd Roxy go?" or "dat tickles".."dat funny"
*picked out her first outfit today and chose her LT Chargers jersey with pink crocs - wonderful! hahaaa
*everytime we open up her Bible to read it, she wants to know "where's Noah?" and any guy in the photos with a beard (which is every man in the kiddy Bible - she thinks is Noah)hhahaa

Update on Keira:
The plan is to be induced March 28th but we all know that no matter what you plan on..sometimes doesn't happen. So, whatever the Lord wants to happen will happen but right now March 28th is the date. We are very excited for her arrival but are not anywhere near complete with the nursery. I will attach a photo for you to view.

Hope everyone is well- love you all!