Tuesday, March 10, 2009


The other day when she knew I had to turn right to get to our street, she said "approaching right turn" She was trying to be like the GPS

Ry, Keira, my Mom and I were eating bfast a few wks ago and Ryleigh had her fake cell phone out. She said "hold on, I need to check my phone." she opened it and said "nope, Gavin didn't text me" hahahah

Everytime I ask Ry who loves her..she says "Jesus, does" and I think it's just so sweet and so true, too :)

When I asked Ryleigh the other night, "who wants to take a bathy first?" she shouted, "Keira does" and I asked "why do you always say 'Keira does'?" and she answered back "because I'm sick and I can't" (which was not true, she was just pulling the sick card I guess)

I was singing that Fray song out loud the other day at home and I stopped mid-sentence saying "where were you?where were you" and Ryleigh sang "lying on the floor" - I cracked up

At dinner I asked Ryleigh if she wanted ice and she answered with "ice, ice baby...dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun" she really did make the drumming noise

ONE MORE THING: in the last few days I have caught Ryleigh scrubbing the tooth brush and tooth paste on Keira's bald head AND writing with red marker on Keira's head...poor K boo :(

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cindolla said...

very cute. Misti, your babies are just precious.