Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Oh Goodness..

I am really tired and want to go to bed but am waiting to feed K her last cereal bottle so I thought I'd blog - haven't done so in a while.

DAYCARE - is going well. Ryleigh is getting used to it and loves her teacher, Mrs. Rie. For the past week she has pee-peed on the potty at school for every potty break, go RyRy! She is strictly in training pants now and every once in a while we try the panties. Sweet Keira is doing just fine at daycare - the ladies say she is the happiest baby until she gets hungry, hahaha, sound like another Floyd gal you all know?


Keira is around 17 lbs. now and wearing 9 month clothing. Love her rolly lil legs!! She is rolling over, kicking her legs like she wants to crawl and of course talking up a storm and mainly in high pitched versions :) Her favorite things are the bumbo chair (we didn't have one for RyRy), her big sister, any baby food (minus the sweet peas) and she LOVES Roxy!

Ryleigh, like I mentioned is almost completely potty trained. She is really into coloring now, which I love because I could color all day and we have put good use to her time out chair lately. Some of her favorite things right now are: Barney and Micky, reading her Bible and looking for the "Noah story", singing songs out loud and at random and she loves her new kitchen she got for her bday.

Funny things Ryleigh has said:

"be careful mama that choke you"
"Goda (God) made trees, Jesus made poopy" (not kidding - this one came out of nowhere!!!!!)
"no, Roxy, go to kitchen"
"no want time out, no want fankin (spankin)"
and before bed time, in order to stall she says "wanna go sit couch dada, watch football"


School just started and that means football. The next few months are going to hectic and no offense to the Ryan Raiders but I am hoping they don't go too far in the playoffs so I can have my hubby back! :)


I'm doing the same ol same ol - hanging out with my lil precious girls and working on the magazine. Our 2nd edition comes out October 20th,excited about it! I'm also excited to see what the Lord has in store for this year's home group. We start our group back next week and Jake and I are looking forward to it - that's mainly our night for just us two during the school year! Ok, I have typed way toooo much, that's all I got, how'd ya like that???

p.s. still doing that stinkin' bootcamp, Emily/Veronica if you are reading this, my arms and legs are on fire from Mon night work out with those weird discs!!!!!!

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